Our commitment to racial justice

Our commitment to racial justice

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BRAC USA condemns racism and oppression and stands in solidarity with the Black community – our colleagues, partners, and supporters – and everyone around the world demanding justice. Black lives matter, and we cannot remain silent.


The tragic murder of George Floyd recalls the countless other victims of police violence, but the protests across America are the legacy of centuries of hate, violence, and injustice against Black people and people of color. The Constitution enshrines the right to peacefully assemble. We unequivocally defend the democratic right of these protestors to be heard, and we condemn the use of violence to silence their voices.


BRAC was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential. Our work has always been guided by our vision of a world free from exploitation and discrimination and rooted in a commitment to serving the most marginalized and vulnerable people.


As an organization whose mandate is global, we understand that many countries around the world grapple with their own troubled histories of oppression, subjugation, and violence, including colonialism, xenophobia, and afrophobia. We celebrate their progress to address this terrible past even as we acknowledge there is much more work to be done.


In our work, we have witnessed time and again how Black communities and people of color are disproportionately plagued by systemic racism, as they are in the United States. While our mission to empower communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and social injustice has never been more urgent, we recognize that it must continue to be informed by the communities we serve and that we inhabit. We must listen to, amplify, and advocate for their voices.


At BRAC USA, we remain committed to creating and fostering a more inclusive work culture. This is an important part of our effort to actively celebrate diversity, to advance our equitable practices, and to drive greater inclusion. We similarly commit to championing racial justice in our communities and urge you to contribute to and support organizations whose missions reflect these values.


Abroad and in the United States, it has never been more important to reaffirm and strengthen support for communities of color – especially Black and Brown people. We cannot afford to “go back to normal,” for normal was a place of bigotry, fear, and pervasive inequality. We have a responsibility to speak out and, together, we must demand long-overdue systemic change. Not charity, but solidarity. Not silence. Justice.


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